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Hourly rate: $50/hour. (For horn or composition lessons, in person or online, grades 5-12.)
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Symphonic-Length Works [$375 | $125 | $185 | $35 ]
-Tale of the Cottingley Fairies

Large Ensemble Works [$325 | $100 | $175 | $35 ]
-from Day's Haste to Glistening Starlight
-When the Last Kaua’i o’o’ Sang 
-Edo Mina! (Wind Ensemble Version)
-for only a moment
-When the Last Kaua’i o’o’ Sang 
-Cold Shock

Chamber Works [$200 | $85| $165 | $25 ]
-Mourning Doves
-Life Speeds Up
-Echo's Last Words
-Two Pieces for Eight Horns (Includes Red Skies Fanfare and Roadside Flowers)
-Roadside Flowers (String Octet Version)
-Concerto for Bass Trombone, Three Scenes from Metropolis
-Edo Mina! (Jazz Combo Version)
-Three Themes from the Forest

Trio or Smaller [$125 | $75 | $100 | $25 ]
-A Tarot Reading
-Familiar Ghosts
-A Paragraph for Solo Flute
-The Horizon Beyond the Waves
-The Argument
-Business as Usual
-Terre Amère
-Two Characters
-A Solemn Melody for Trumpet

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