Featured Works by Ethan Gurwitz

Tale of the Cottingley Fairies (2023)

Solo Soprano, Solo Flute, Wind Ensemble; 30'
Commissioned by the SMU Meadows Wind Ensemble
Text by Emma Bolton
"To paraphrase my former band teacher, Manny Maldonado, sometimes our best work arises when we find ourselves at our most pressed.

Special thanks to Jared Beu, Bethany Jelinek, Katy Downs, and Dr. Jack Delaney, some of the most incredible and talented people I have ever worked with."

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Life Speeds Up (2023)

Percussion Quartet; 6'
Written for Sandbox Percussion
"These percussionists are crazy good. No wonder they're Grammy-nominated. Still blows my mind I got to meet and work with them. I heard them play Akiho Seven Pillars live at UT, and the first thing I did afterwards is call my sister and tell her, 'I think I just heard one of the best performances in my life.'"

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Echo's Last Words (2022)

Solo Soprano, Chamber Winds; 12'
Text by Emma Bolton

"Again, Bethany and Jared are amazing. This was a hell of lot of fun to put together."

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Red Skies Fanfare (2021)

French Horn Octet; 4'
"You ever wake up in the morning in a panic?"

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Roadside Flowers (2021)

French Horn Octet or String Octet; 5'
Commissioned by Horns United

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from Day's Haste to Glistening Starlight (2022)

Wind Ensemble and Solo Saxophone; 12' 30"
Commissioned by the Dallas Metropolitan Winds, under the direction of Gregory Hustis

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When the Last Kaua’i o’o’ Sang (2021)

Chamber Wind Ensemble; 12' 30"

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Ethan Gurwitz Complete Works List

Lament (from Tale of the Cottingley Fairies), Art Song for Soprano and Piano; 4:45.
Mourning Doves, for String Quartet; 6:00.
Tale of the Cottingley Fairies, for Wind Ensemble, Soprano Voice solo, and Flute Solo; 30:00. Commissioned by the SMU Meadows Wind Ensemble.
Life Speeds Up, for Percussion Quartet; 6:00. Written for Sandbox Percussion.

for only a moment, for Orchestra; 8:30.
Familiar Ghosts, for Soprano Voice and Piano; 4:00.
Echo’s Last Words, for Wind Ensemble and Soprano Voice solo; 12:00.
from Day’s Haste to Glistening Starlight, for Wind Ensemble and Saxophone solo; 12:30. Commissioned by the Dallas Metropolitan Winds.

A Tarot Reading, for Horn and piano; 11:00. Commissioned by Shea Kells-Murphy.
Roadside Flowers
, for String Octet, 4:45.
Two Pieces for Eight Horns(Red Skies Fanfare, Roadside Flowers); 9:15. Roadside Flowers commissioned by the Horns United.
Edo Mina!, for Tenor voice and Jazz Combo or Wind Ensemble; 3:00.
When the Last Kaua’i o’o’ Sang, for Wind Ensemble; 9:30.
The Dream, Electronic; 4:20.
A Journey Through Taiga, for Wind Ensemble and Low Strings; 7:00.

Concerto for Bass Trombone, Three Scenes from Metropolis, for Bass Trombone, Horn or String Quartet, and Piano, Dedicated to Ron Wilkins; 14:00.
A Paragraph for Solo Flute; 3:00.
Liquid Memories, Electronic (Musique Concrete); 4:00.
Maladjusted Introductory Theme, Electronic; 0:21. Commissioned by Shara Jeyarajah for podcast Maladjusted.
In the Night, for Pierrot Ensemble; 4:00.
When the Last Kaua’i O’o’ Sang, for Orchestra; 9:30.
Cold Shock, for Orchestra; 2:55.
Three Themes from the Forest, for String Quartet; 7:35.

The Horizon Beyond the Waves, for Flute and Euphonium; 4:35.
The Argument, for Harp and Guitar; 6:40.
Business as Usual, for Bassoon and Cello; 3:10.
Solstice, for Woodwind Quintet; 7:45.
Three Short Pieces for Piano; 3:30.
Terre Amère, for Trumpet, Viola, and Cello; 7:15.
Jade, for French Horn, Piano, and Cello; 5:00.

Flout, for Harp and Violin; 3:40.
Two Characters, for Piano and Cello; 2:15.
A Solemn Melody for Trumpet; 1:00.

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